About Jill Jarkesy

mamtaReal estate investor Jill Jarkesy works in the Central Oregon market and possesses extensive experience in land use, law, and realty. Prior to entering the Oregon real estate market, Jill Jarkesy worked in the Orange County, California market with Evergreen Realty. She brings skills obtained from extensive law experience and education to her work in real estate investment.

Ms. Jarkesy graduated from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina with honors and subsequently earned her JD from the University of Miami School of Law in Florida, also with honors. She began her career as a partner with Perry Shapiro Miller and Jarkesy, P.A., in West Palm Beach, where she worked as a land use attorney. Later, she established herself as president of her own firm in Boca Raton, Florida. As an expert in the zoning and municipal laws of Orange and Palm Beach Counties, Jill Jarkesy performed a variety of services, including helping to draft land use ordinances and negotiate land conservation and protection. Her clients included BellSouth Mobility, AT&T, and Oriole Homes Corporation.


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